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Digital Solutions

Digitalization is inevitable as information technology has reshaped the way enterprises operate. Digitalization of an enterprise has taken a paradigm shift as more business models, business processes and products are transformed by digitalization. Organizations are aggressively focusing on digital investments on marketing and sales, responding to customer preferences, which are inclining toward digital channels.

eDot’s Solutions

  • Social Media Solutions
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Analytics Solutions
  • Look and Feel Solutions
  • Future envisioning Solutions

What we do

  • Optimizing enterprise application through digitalization to reduce costs and enhance performance.
  • Integrate and orchestrate digital landscape for seamless and efficient business processes support.
  • Align business values to enable better and faster business decisions.
  • Get more agile, flexible and effective to respond to market changes and maximize the ROI.

Social Media

Social Media as a medium of communication has transformed how individuals and organizations communicate to enhance information sharing. Information exchanges can be through photos, text, audio, and video. Social Media's relevance, pertinence and impact is beyond regular internet users, but in businesses as well. Certain applications of social media are in the form of Social Bookmarking, Social News, Social Networking, Social Photo and Video Sharing, Wikis.

  • Organizations need to understand how to incorporate social metrics into traditional enterprises and processes.
  • Organizations need to consider and implement means to mitigate the risks associated with social business.
  • Change management is a necessity for successful social business practices in an organization.

Ours Solution

  • Analytics – Businesses in their conquest to gain actionable insights from social media, would require analytics expertise to transform this enormous information into actionable strategies. eDot’s solutions for social media analytics facilitates organizations to take control of this data so that they can dramatically improve customer satisfaction, spot patterns and trends.

  • Social Media Marketing – eDot’s Social Media services are customized to suit any client-whether a small and medium enterprise brand or a multinational brand. Since content is the core of our service offering, we seamlessly translate offline Public Relations activities to the online. We believe in creating effective points of engagement between your audience and your brand.

  • Social Master Data Management – eDot offers an end-to-end suite of Master Data Management (MDM) services to address MDM needs for every critical master data domain and industry. eDot's services range from offering consulting services to building a business case for a MDM program, developing a data platform to support a transformation initiative, building a data governance framework, implementing COTS products, to undertaking sustenance programs.

  • Social Customer Relationship Management – eDot unifies your customer data to gain actionable insights necessary to grow loyalty and secure profitability. eDot expertise in modernizing and transforming CRM systems and processes is uniquely positioned to support sophisticated CRM strategies. eDot offers a gamut of services from advisory and strategy consulting to IT landscape and process optimization as well as implementation and support.

  • Social Commerce – Social Commerce is a space which has been revolutionized through web and mobile network communication. Consumers are actively using these medium to discuss the value added by the products and services, and also voice their opinion. Retailers have realized the power of social commerce components like, referrals, ratings, reviews, forums, blogs, videos and social communities, and how they have a cumulative impact on their customer as well as the revenue stream and bottom line.

  • Social Apps Development – eDot execute social apps development strategy to address your objective to engage customers with your brand. Be it to renew, replace, consolidate, enhance – or build a new social media apps strategy, we at eDot are passionate about delivering compelling and refreshing social apps for business value.

  • Media and Content Services – Media and Content Services play a very significant part in the "social" part of social media. Targeting the right influencers to spread the word about your brand and its social media presence is of prime importance and a key strategy. It is the execution of all the strategy and planning that goes into the social media campaign – which eDot specializes and puts your brand in the conversations you want.

  • Social Integration – Be it Social Media Listening, Aggregation of social content, eDot helps customers integrate social media across channels. eDot 's social media integration and aggregation across channels and platforms helps obtain optimum potential and value of social media. It is through harnessing the benefits of the medium of social media organizations today can add value to their products and services.

What we do

  • Build content rich social channels to enable efficient customer engagement and enhance customer experience.
  • Engage with customer customers across social channels get intelligence / understand of the customer from social media expressions.
  • Measure, manage and provide a 360 degree view of social business objectives and value.
  • Manage, optimize and automate social assets and create value for customers.
  • Brand position for the customers and also for the prospective employees.


Analytics is the inevitable game changer in today's data-driven business. Its impact is across fields be sports, banking, automobile, healthcare and government. Analytics is the ability to collect and use raw data to generate actionable insights that helps to arrive at informed fact-based decision-making. Data from every aspect of our life is now tracked and stored in data centers and analytics allows to turn this data into valuable insights for businesses.

  • Organizations today are facing challenge to predict what the customers want and transform data into predictive insights to guide decisions and interactions.
  • Maximize and measure social media impact on the brand, services and product and campaigns.
  • Predict, detect and prevent threats, loss and fraud they impact your organization.
  • Understand and predict the needs of the customers.
  • Measure and maximize the productivity of your people and processes.

Ours Solution

  • Application Analytics – Tools aimed at application developers for measuring usage and marketing analytics to better streamline the application offering.

  • Campaign analytics – Tools for media companies aimed at usage and marketing analytics for mobile web or WAP sites plus campaign optimization tools aimed.

  • Service analytics – Dedicated platforms for mining network or device data to extract service intelligence aimed at network carriers.

  • Web Analytics – Web analytics is the measurement, analysis , collection and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.

  • Mobile Analytics – concerns mobile traffic and insights to campaign over a mobile device

  • Social Analytics – Social is increasingly important as a marketing channel captures consumer activities and identifies patterns in their behaviors. This helps in delivering solutions that identify market trends.

  • Conversion (Testing, Attribution, Heatmaps) – We use advanced analytics techniques to understand how users are currently interacting with sites, social media assets and apps.

  • Dashboard and visualization – Drive business intelligence (BI) adoption across the organization with insightful dashboards and BI apps. eDot solutions can help you create mobile, highly interactive dashboards that are able to deliver trusted and aggregated pointers to your decision makers – anytime, anywhere.

  • Auditing – to effectively leverage data analytics and achieve continuous auditing within an internal audit function remains strong and amid today's complex business.

  • Real Time Analytics – Real-Time allows you to monitor activity as it happens on your site or applications. The reports are updated continuously and each page details is reported.

  • Data Mining – Data mining is a powerful new technology with great potential to help companies focus on the most important information in the data they have collected.

  • Usability Analytics – User experience (UX) focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations.

  • Competitor Analytics – Competitor analysis helps your social & SEO strategy with marketing analytics benchmarked against the competition.

What we do

  • eDot's solution is designed to meet the customers' demand by ensuring faster and value based insights for business growth.
  • Enhanced productivity through our solution would help in increased focus on our customer's customer and better target sales and productivity.
  • Ease of use of our solution's user-friendly, intuitive design makes it easy to adopt.


Enterprise mobility is a significant strategy shift in the modern day organizations. The trend toward a shift in work habits, with employees working out of the office and using mobile devices and cloud services to perform business and through seamless collaboration.

Enterprise mobility not only to mobile devices and mobile workers but also the mobility of corporate data and information. An employee may upload a corporate presentation from his/her desktop PC to a cloud storage service, access it from a personal iPad and present it at a client site.

  • Innovations in enterprise mobility is complex, involving the latest smartphone and handheld and the latest computing architectures. Staying updated on the latest that the industry has to offer is difficult for just about any IT department.
  • Understanding enterprises mobility strategies is critical for organizations to implement mobility services offerings for their customers.
  • Enterprise mobility solutions can help improve employee productivity through seamless integration across communication channels.
  • Enterprise mobility security and management strategies are very significant and difficult to handle with the ever increasing plethora of personal mobile devices.

Ours Solution

  • Consulting– eDot helps clients promote their mobility first strategies, mobility business, technology landscape, and design mobility solutions.

  • UX / UI Design Services– eDot helps design and develop software applications for mobile and desktop offerings. eDot 's UI/UX Designer will use their design chops to create state of the art wire frames, mock-ups, and prototypes. eDot’s persistent effort to provide the end user with intuitive interfaces assures quality delivery.

  • Mobile Application Development – eDot combines the latest in mobile technology, modes of engagement, and system integration — to deliver innovation adds value, and businesses that lasts beyond a few business cycles.

  • Mobile Analytics– eDot 's expertise in analytics and implementation of analytics strategy will help to understand what your customers do in your mobile app. Track every menu tap, purchase level completion, and optimize the customer experience. Take your mobile application to the next level and capture even more detail, such as type of purchase or quantity.

  • Location Based Marketing – eDot 's Location-Based Marketing (LBM) offerings helps to target mobile users within a certain geographic area to increase effectiveness of sale. It also helps to better understand the customer's needs and fulfil it.

  • Mobile Payments – Mobile payment framework helps financial institutions consolidate payments services. eDot 's Service-Oriented Architecture-based framework defines the strategy and road map for an integrated payments landscape, streamline payments processes and identifies opportunities for cost optimization through mobile POS to improve efficiency.

  • Backend Integration – Successful implementation of mobile first strategy depends immensely on integration of enterprise mobile apps to the backend integration. eDot 's expertise and experience in implementing application integration across the organization and across geographies would help its customer in leveraging it to integrate their backend system and processes.

  • BYOD – With employee engagement at the core BYOD helps to bring in more flexibility. eDot with its expertise in implementing BYOD strategy at work place can help organizations to save on cost and not deter from it due to security implications.

What we do

  • Helping organizations transform business processes and making it aligned with the mobile strategy and developing the most relevant business cases for mobility enablement.
  • Developing user-friendly interfaces with expertise across the entire enterprise mobility delivery chain in various industry verticals, we are perfectly poised to help you chart your enterprise mobility roadmap
  • .
  • The eDot's Mobility Practice brings to the table a large pool of consultants with rich expertise and experience on mobility engagements including Mobility Centers of Excellence for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

Looks and Feel

Through look and feel, clients expect to get valuable business solutions that enable return on investment. End User Experience is about understanding a person's behaviors, and emotions while using a particular product, system or service. User experience involves the real, expressive, affective, observed, and valuable aspects of human-device interaction and product ownership.

  • There is lack of basic usability principles which results in a negative experience, leaving the user confused, uncertain, overwhelmed, or even frustrated?
  • Enable integration with mobile applications such as PDAs, Smart Phone, iPAD etc.

Ours Solution

eDot delivers excellence and certainty across all of your End User Experience needs.

  • User Experience Interface Design - focuses on user’s expectations and what needs to be done to ensure that the interface has all the elements that are easily available understood, and facilitate those actions.

  • User Experience Interaction Design (IxD) - focuses on creating engaging interactive systems with well thought out behaviors. Create User Experience value through a right mix of expertise to meet the customer’s product specifications and designs seamlessly.

  • User Experience Visual Design- focuses on ensuring an aesthetically pleasing interface that is in line with brand goals. The primary objective is to bring in simplicity in content and presentation.

  • Content Strategy - focuses on writing and curating useful content by planning the creation, delivery and governance behind it. eDot ensures to enforce brand consistency and provide a better customer experience.

  • Accessibility - focuses on how a disabled individual accesses or benefits from a site, system or application. Design a social experience that provides a strong user experience by adhering to the principles of effective social.

What we do

  • Make your customers achieve higher user experience, through our seamless merging of the services such as graphical and user interface design.
  • Cost savings, increase in efficiency, TAT reduction, others Reusability of the service.
  • Expertise and experience in Rapid development of a high-fidelity prototype for user acceptance and usability testing.
  • Improved engagement, acceptability and higher adoption rates via user-centric design.

Future envisioning

Businesses have today changed forever. The digital disruption has transformed the way organizations carry on their day to day process. Be it in deciding whether to buy the specific product or services, or target a particular customer and even if to start a particular line of business. Computers and its computing powers are at the heart of it. Computers will soon be driving cars, alert you to buy grocery and traffic routes and suggest medical diagnosis.

Ours Solution

  • Virtual Reality – eDot’s emphasizes its expertise on virtual reality to develop innovative solutions for the retailers to bring forth its solutions and services and provide value to the businesses.

  • Augmented Reality – eDot uses Ionic to see, making apps come to life with unparalleled interactivity through 3D graphics, touch, video, and audio to bring movie magic to mobile.

  • Geo Fencing – Geo Fencing is the latest technological disruption which will help our customer to target their customers better through push notification and customized promotions and target offerings. It would increase sales by targeting individual customer based on their needs.

  • Internet of Things – In the near future we will be able to use our mobile phone to locate the car keys or a medicine bottle will track our dosage. eDot through its ongoing research is any indication, the Internet, which till today has been a source of information and a useful medium to connect people – will enable you and me to connect with physical objects around us.

  • Gamification – eDot ability to apply game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. Can be applied to a wide array of solutions including Sales effectiveness, training, HR orientation.

  • Crowd Sourcing – eDot leverages crowdsourcing to address distributed problem solving that outsources business-related tasks to a network of online participants. At eDot, we help in translate the threats of competitors, demanding customers, and ever increasing R&D costs, into opportunities for innovative new products.

What we do

  • eDot’s envision on the future technology will redefine the businesses of tomorrow.
  • With increased emphasis on expertise on virtual reality and gamification is helping retailer to enhance the customer experience.
  • Crowd sourcing is not only helping to know the expectations of the customers but is also acting as the platform for the Voice of the Customer.